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A gentle summer rain in a flower garden
An autumn reflection of trees in the water at the Don Valley Brick Works also known as the Evergreen Brick Works, a former quarry and industrial site in the Don River in Toronto, Canada
A glimpse into traditional village life with a woman paddling a small dugout canoe in the backwaters of Kerala, a chain of lagoons and lakes that lie parallel to the Arabian sea coast
Old world charm in the garden at a prince's summer palace in Karauli, India
An old yellow wall with two-toned patina, an old window with wooden shutters, a flower box and two little birds in Venice, Italy
A beautiful white swan sleeping in Grenadier Pond in Toronto's High Park
A woman effortlessly balances a large bowl filled with stone on her head in Jaipur, India
a man finds a place to rest in the bustling city of Varanasi India
The silhouette of a leafless tree at dawn in a rural Ontario countryside
a man in a white dhoti carrying an old metal pail on his shoulders in Jodhpur India
Beautiful white and yellow cut tulips on a windowsill bask in sunlight
A horse enjoys being out to pasture on a beautiful foggy morning in Whitevale, Ontario
Summer welcomes a roadside carnival vendor selling hot cashews, cotton candy and candy apples
an old man makes his way down the steep stone steps of the Ganges river to take a ritual bath
The beautiful colours of a Canadian maple leaf in autumn
an Indian woman earns a living as a street sweeper in Delhi India
a kookaburra bird, a tree kingfisher native to Australia, sits on a hot tin roof
the warm glow of the afternoon sunlight falls on an Indian woman wearing a traditional colourful sari
an old bike with milk cans tethered to the seat is parked outside the Prince's summer castle in Karauli India
laundry hangs on an old clothes line casting dramatic shadows on the concrete wall behind
a sweet tempered Golden Retriever enjoys a sunny morning walk along the beach
a man struggles to carry three large terra cotta pots on his head up a steep hill made of stone steps
A little old row boat in a small seaside town in Queensland Australia
a little homeless dog sits peacefully on the steps at sunset
In the land of kings and caravans, three people stop to peek over the wall at Jaigarh Fort located on one of the peaks of the Aravalli range in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The fort was built in 1726 by Rajput ruler, Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II
a black and white photograph of a young woman expecting her first child
an old graffit wall stands behind a revered cow in small village in Rajasthan India
a group of young girls dancing at the annaul caribana parade in Toronto Ontario
three men undergo a bathing ritual in the waters of the Ganges river
sunlight falls on potted plants at a Tuscan villa in Italy
an old man enjoys the morning news at his grain shop in Pushkar India
wisps of smoke rise into the air from an extinguished candle
a young dhalit man earns a living by pulling a bicycle occupied by higher caste Indians
Round bales of hay scattered in a large field provide artistic opportunities for the creative
on the beaches of Veradero Cuba, seasoned fishermen sort their catch of the day
an elderly man walks down the streets of Jaisalmer balancing a sack on his head
a wooden barrel filled with red flowers sits on the sidewalk on a tree lined street in rural Ontario
a young girl enjoys a ride on a swing tied to a big old tree
The morning sun rises in a vineyard in Tuscany, Italy
In the pools that flank its grounds, a reflection of the breathtaking Taj Mahal can be seen in the water
a vintage car stops to let a young woman cross the road in Havana Cuba
a dove flies across the rafters in an old bell tower
a silhouette of a young man wearing a head scarf
laundry hangs from the line on a large blue stone terrace in Jaipur India
a horse handler and a beautiful stallion spend time together in the open field
An afternoon in the famous glass-making community Murano, a series of islands linked by bridges in the Venetian lagoon
slippers sit on ornately carved stone steps outside the entrance of a dwelling in Jaisalmer India
Handcrafted pottery from a rural tribal group known as Bishnoi living in small villages in the Jodhpur region of Rajasthan, India
a man enjoys a peaceful morning reading a book on the stone steps of the Ganges river in Varanasi India
An old fountain in a courtyard in Madrid, Spain
the shadows of two women can be seen behind a lace curtain
a group of Cuban men enjoy a game of dominoes after taking a break from fishing
the dappled light casts beautiful shadows on a garden bench
Winter brings snow and silence to an Ontario urban park
towers of vibrant pure color powder are on display in a wooden tea box
a bride poses for a photograph on her wedding day in Venice
the early morning sun creates a serene atmosphere for a wooden chair, a blanket and a pair of slippers
a tribal group in northern India gather water from a large well at the onset of a sand storm
The long, graceful neck of a white swan. To poet, Ruben Dario, the swan was a symbol of purity and eroticism
A silhouette of wheat grass against a backdrop of a beautiful orange sunrise
a young woman enjoys the company of a stuffed teddy bear
a man wearing a saffron coloured turban and white dhoti mounts his Enfield motorcycle after a day at the local market
sunlight turns a delicate wheat stem in a glass of water into a glimmering jewel


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